Gracie Shark End Of Year Christmas BBQ

Gracie Shark 2018 Christmas BBQ , Thank you everyone for coming , we had a great turn out with around 75 members and their family’s coming great BBQ with even better company , on behalf of the Gracie team we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and new year .  

Private Lesson with John Danaher

Living and learning. Back attacking and guilhotina. Got to love Jiu Jitsu so much to improve. 25 years on the go and we still find some tolls to play. Thanks my friend John Danaher for great private class .  

Tiago Comp Melbourne

No Gi Pan Pacific Champion weight division and Open weight division !! Was a great day on the mats for professor Tiago. Congratulations Tiago Gracie Humaita is proud of you.  

Erina Eagles Bjj Session.

Erina Eagles are local rugby team from central coast but them working hard to them training,  result is been on finals of local comp. Well done guys, good to see you guys learning some real skills. 

40 Safe and Happy kids, Bjj 4 Life.

    What a special day. Was a Honor grade this 40 beautiful kids,  last weekend.   This moments are priceless. Congratulations to all the future champions, for your new belts or new stage in life.   Every one did a amazing job, making we all proud, was a great mothers day present.   

Mariners KIDS Soccer Clinic 2018.

Today was a great day, be able to show around 54 kids how Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help them wit the soccer. Balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, control, power, all work today in class . Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help any kid improve or complement any type of sport or active. We looking for the next time.