Building Champions

Was a great day for Gracie Humaita Shark Team on Autumn Bjj Cup, special the kids showing the amazing skills and believe. Congratulations all the students for beautiful performance, we are proud of you. For the parents and friends if you are looking for a commitment team and the best results, bring your child or …

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Creating MMA Champions.

One more time Rick Alchin did a prefect fight, Congratulations Rick, Shark Team is proud of you, you been growing and learn, getting to the next level, well done. Team the Work together get strong and create champions, come learn and enjoy what we do best, teach the growd game and how to defend yourself.


The best on the coast for sure!! What a great MMA session thanks boys to come down !! Special thanks to UFC Ross Pearson for helping this boys get to the next level !! Together we are strong !!

Black Belt Luke Beston Enjoying Gracie Shark Bjj.

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Womans Class Pumping

Its amazing see this girls enjoy Bjj and Self Defence wit so much Fun, the best part is to know them will hand any problem the may have one day. If you are laid and want to learn and have fun enjoying this champions. Thanks ladies to try hard always.