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Kick Boxing - Classes

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Kickboxing is often practiced for self-defence, general fitness, or as a full-contact sport. In the full-contact sport, the male boxers are bare-chested wearing shorts and protective gear including:

Optional protective helmet (usually for those under 16)

The female boxers will wear a sports bra and chest protection in addition to the male clothing/protective gear. In European kickboxing, where kicks to the thigh are allowed using special low-kick rules, the use of boxing shorts instead of long trousers is possible.

In addition, amateur rules often allow less experienced competitors to use light or semi-contact rules, where the intention is to score points by executing successful strikes past the opponent’s guard, and the use of force is regulated. The equipment for semi-contact is similar to full-contact matches, usually with the addition of headgear. Competitors usually dress in a t-shirt for semi-contact matches, to separate them from the bare-chested full-contact participants.